Welcome to the Banjo Chord Builder

This site is a tool I developed to help me figure out and find chords for the 5 string banjo in G tuning:  G D G B D.The menu items above take you to the chords and the notes it takes to make up the chords.  The sub-menus take you to places on the neck where notes for each chord can be found. The Shapes menu takes you to common shapes for chords you can use up and down the neck.

The banjo’s 5 strings are not always enough to capture every note in a chord.  The artistry is in selecting the voicing that captures the sound you are after.  The Banjo Chord Builder simply gets you on your way.

Key:  Major=Maj=M,   minor=min=m,  Augmented=Aug=+5,  diminished=dim=˚, suspended=sus


      Tuning-5th to 1st strings

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